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Burçin Esin
Photographer { }
Burçin Esin


Masters say; 'What the hell is digital' and I agree with them. No doubt, the technology is developing all the time and photography field is also changing that way. What happens especially in 5-6 years is quite admirable. However, I never feel more excited while working with digital cameras, than I feel while working with analog ones. It's impossible to obtain that depth, that kind of grain, that texture of film. Taste of saying 'I have to print the negatives, I wonder how they will look like!' is a different thing.

On the other hand, of course we have to keep pace with the technology. Even the greatest companies in the field are giving up producing negatives. From now on, only the old-school fans will keep using it.

Working with analog cameras gives me the real feeling of taking photographs, especially in the following process of printing the pieces in the dark room. But surely, it may not be possible for everyone because when compared to digital photography, it requires much more effort and it costs much more money. Anyway, it's nice to keep this tradition alive, or at least, to try to do that. Unfortunately, I don't have my own dark room. One of my dreams is to have one, soon.

El Cielo (Sky)

Sky makes me feel very different things. It tells different things to me in every hour of the day. Sometimes clouds tell me, sometimes the moon, sometimes the sun, and sometimes beams of light coming through the clouds... How can't one get lost in it, think with it and force his/her imagination while looking at it... Trying to unite the dimension there with the dimension in my mind pushes me to make new creations.

From time to time, I experiment on going beyond the sky and floating in space, trying to understand what's going on there, trying to visualize in my mind...

I heard news from somewhere that I don't remember now, it was saying that our solar system is only the 0,01% of the universe. Whether it's true or not, the unbelievable size of the universe shows us that we really know nothing about it. People try to combine the imagery they already have in their minds and the things they observe to have an idea about the things that they don't see or understand. And it really forces your creative abilities. A big source of inspiration. At least for me...


Peace, Karsiyaka, kumru, boyoz, shore, people showing respect to each other, boat.


Every person has dreams and not all the dreams come true, surely... Maybe the important thing is not just to dream, it is to dream about things that is possible to come true. I'm passionate about photography, cinema and music, so my dreams are about them as well. We can say that my greatest dream is making my own movie, with my own crew and without asking anyone. At least, I would love to work in a unit one day. Of course I'm going to follow that. And I hope I can make it!


I think Dredg is like 'water'. People cannot live without water. You don't give up drinking it and you drink it not only because you need it but also you love it. Ones who listened to Dredg will understand what I'm saying. Dredg takes me up to the sky, takes me to somewhere else. If you are tired of wandering at the same places, drink a glass of 'water' and enjoy the 'sky' (El Cielo).


Music is one of the most important pieces of my life. And the moment that I mostly feel myself close to it is the one that I play drums. Whatever makes me feel bored or sad, I forget it at all while playing... When I finish, I feel totally refreshed.

One day, we had to go to the studio to practice for a live performance and I was laying on my bad with a terrible fever. There was no way to postpone so I went and played for two hours. When I go back home, the fever and the sickness were all gone. Drums are indispensible for me and they will always be...


All of us are perfectionists but the dose differs. Some live with it and some shows it occasionally... When it comes to me, I always try to find the perfect. I just think very deeply about the pieces I create and I pick the best ones as the products. None of my shots are perfect and they will never be. If I think they are, then I will no longer be able to develop my skills.

(Gramophone) Record

Music has always been around me since I was born. I learnt how to put the record on the player and how to gently put the needle on it when I was 5 or 6. My favorite album was Deep Purple's 'Machine Head'. As a little child, I had used to play it just when I came back from school. First, a hiss is heard for 10-15 seconds, then 'Smoke on The Water' begins... Wow...

Later on, my knowledge about music grows and grows, thanks to my dad. I found the chance to listen to rock classics on a gramophone. Those days have great influence on me.

My feelings about records are just like the ones about 'analog'. As I love the scratches, grains and textures on film, I love that hiss, that quality and that sound, too.


Batman is one of the greatest characters of all times. Batman comics, TV shows and movies are impressing me in different ways. All of them are gorgeous!

Besides, I love the orange-yellow tones of Gotham. Pessimism and fear have always been reflected in a perfect way.

I watched and loved all the Batman movies since 1989 and my favorite is the last one, The Dark Knight. I guess it's because of Joker and Heath Ledger's outstanding performance. Yes, the first Joker, Jack Nicholson was also perfect but... I don't know... And I also don't know why I'm so serious :)



"From time to time, I experiment on going beyond the sky and floating in space, trying to understand what's going on there, trying to visualize in my mind..."

- Burçin Esin / Bak 14
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