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Alemşah Öztürk
Illustrator { }
Alemşah Öztürk


Istanbul, istanbul, istanbul... there is so much to talk and write about you... my source of life, my secret muse, a city that blends inspiration and mistery within its air, soil and people. I know perfectly I cannot live anywhere but here... still I want to talk about istanbul to the whole world and want to wander through its narrow streets... waiting for a future design that will come out from the darkness...


It just don’t fit, I couldn’t embed this feeling, then you have to bring it out. I have to tell, I have to share, I have to incorporate what I’ve seen and mingle it with my ideas and dreams. Thus began Antifit in 2004, now it’s almost 3... “I came to slap your brain” I’ve used to say, now I’m calmer, “let’s share” I say. Antifit is a box where you can find design, marketing, games and experiences, or maybe I should say “a piece of me” instead of all these long phrases.


“Your typography is bad!”. That’s the sentence I’m so afraid of hearing, because I love these letters, their smirchlike values, the strange balance they create when they’re put together... Once it was harder, masters had worked hard for months, just for a font. Now it’s so simple and that’s way it’s even more difficult to find the good fonts. But I guess it’s a pleasure to tell something’s written character with its pictorial value. It’s really hard but it’s a kind of art you must learn. At this point if you still didn’t read “About the FACE”, please buy it, read it and share it.


I would like to be a brand, guess it would be fun. I deeply appreciate people that became their own brand. To be Serdar Erener or John Maeda or Dave McKean would be great. I’m against using a brand though, because beautiful things are not only the ‘brand’ ones. Now in the new world we all are a brand, we just don’t know our value yet. World has never faced another period where personal development has been so important. I cannot give up Sony or Apple though!


You should better not to buy Macromedia, Adobe! You wasted such a nice brand... what will happen now? But still on the other hand if there was no Photoshop, my life won’t be that fun, that’s for sure. My first love is Photoshop, we sill use and love it, thank you Adobe. If you ever educate up the brush manager it would even be better.


It’s always said that the marriage is hard, I never believed. It happened so fast and so naturally. The result? The most real part of my life, another real beauty that wakes me up time to time from my dreams. Is it needed? Yes, for everybody!


What will happen in 2050? Firstly not the things that we think they will happen! Because the evolution and the technology don’t progress that fast. On the other hand, I sometimes think that all these technologies in the movies are already developped but not released because of the marketing strategies and of the lack of demand. I’ll be 73 in 2050 and still designing if I’m lucky enough!


It’s a must! Something must be playing when I’m working- sometimes that must be the same song for all day long. 100 times, 150 times, 400 times... till I get weary... If you ask me my favourites, for now that’s Jamie Cullum, Portishead and some soundtracks I would answer. I sometimes listen “Phantom of the Opera” or “Belle” and get extremely motivated... Anyway, to me music is a necessary part of inspiration, design and fun.


I want to do good works, rather than being famous. I want people know my works, not me. I want them like my illos, participate to my projects. I don’t care much about fame, I guess I’m afraid of it!


Is there any escape from it? No... It’ll come one day and I‘ll greet it smiling, because it’s a part of life, an inseperable part to me. Am I afraid? Yes! When I was a child I’ve used to imagine how being dead can be and was really frightened at the end. Now I’m closer but I imagine less, I guess I get used to it. “I’m crying for the ones who are left behind, not for the ones who leave” This sentence is so true...

"I want to do good works, rather than being famous. I want people know my works, not me. I want them like my illos, participate to my projects. I don't care much about fame, I guess I'm afraid of it!"

- Alemşah Öztürk / Bak 06
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