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Marcell Bandicksson
Graphic Designer { }
Marcell Bandicksson

- This year, you moved to sunny California from Eskilstuna, a small town in beautiful Sweden. As a person who has got a very large family, what kind of difficulties are you experiencing in your new life, thousands of miles away from home?

I was born in Eskilstuna and spent pretty much my whole life there. I grew up in a super small town where nothing changed and the people just knew a few things about life. So to move to a another country that is totally different in culture and lifestyle, will be difficult to handle at first. But at the same time it is exciting because everything is new to you. You look at everything like a kid would do in Disneyland.
- You created so many print works for movies and home entertainment industry in your homeland, and now, you're doing exactly the same in the United States. What differences have you noticed in terms of working habits and systems at a glance?

Keep in mind that most, if not all key art or graphic designs for movies come from Los Angeles. Because that is where the heart of movie industry is. You have all these design agencies in Los angeles competing and trying to fish up all the work from movie studios or distributions companies, and the marketing materials gets passed on internationally. There is not a single design agency in Sweden for this field of work and not many designers that are specialized for movie marketing. So I had to start working for a distribution company that wanted to market their films in different ways. A company that would let the inhouse designers have the freedom to create artwork from scratch and if the work was good enough they would market their films with your design.

I haven't been here long enough to tell the big difference but I do notice right away that the work is more fast paced and is structured better. We would spend a day working on just one poster or dvd art in Sweden, here you do key art exploration of many different posters and you add them up to 30, 50 - 200 variations depending on the budget. You work with account executives, production people, creative directors and designers to meet the brief from clients. That is new to me.

- What's your greatest aim in your life as a graphic designer?
My goal was pretty much to come from nowhere and work my way to the top. Be the best that I can be.

- If graphic design field doesn't exist in the world, what kind of job would you choose to earn living?

I have passion for producing music. I see my- self in a house on top of the mountains sur- rounded by beautiful nature, with my wife, my dog and a killer setup of music equipment... Creating beautiful music for living. Ay, nothing’s wrong with having dreams.

- One of our previous Swedish guest artists Robert Lindström told us that he studied graphic design in Florida and then went back to Sweden and he also added that the computer education was not as good as it was in Sweden there. Where did you study graphic design and what do you think about the education system in Sweden?

I studied Graphic Design in England for 3 years at Cumbria - Institute of the Arts. I knew that back then there weren't many graphic design programs you could take in Sweden and they were always focused on commercial or advertisment aspect of graphic design and not in general. That is what I disliked. But time has changed and we now have Hyper Island School that is supposed to be one of Europe's top schools. That's pretty much all I know.

- Are you interested in politics? What do you think about your new country's new president, Barack Obama?

I used to hate politics and was never involved but that changed as I got older. I speak my mind on pretty much everything and hold nothing back. I admire people who are not afraid to speak the truth no matter how it come across.

I find American politics so absurd that it is impossible for me look away and ignore it. The level of bipartisan politics in this country is unbelievable. You have only the Democrats and Republicans running the country and people are afraid to say anything outlandish or different because you will either be placed far right or far left.

Obama managed to come from nowhere and beat the Republican machine. He is the perfect political operator and pretty much ran the perfect campaign. I was happy that he beat John Mccain and now hope for the best. That being said, His policies are pretty much the same and really not about 'change'. How many actually believe he is going to break through the American imperialism when there is an economic crisis, wars spread and lobbyists running the congress and country. He wants to end war, yet he wants to put more troops in Afghanistan. The history and mistakes America made go back to the same lesson: Middle East does not want to be occupied by the west. Has he talked about finally ending the Israel and Palestine conflict? It has lasted so many years and people don't even know what the problem is.

The candidate that just blew me away as being the truthteller was Republican Ron Paul. I saw him on the Republican Fox News speaking passionately about the problem with the war and the economy, and at the end he turned out to be right about everything. But at that time he was treated as a crazy person by the conservative media. He opposed the Iraq War since day 1 and wanted to bring the troops home not just from Iraq but from everywhere, he wanted to abolish the IRS, cut spending, dismantle the federal reserve who helped to create this economic mess and also he wanted to end the failed war on drugs. Now that is a change. But people weren't ready for that.

- In our lives, we make conversations with so many people like family members, teachers, friends, strangers and we only keep in mind some specific sentences. Sometimes these sayings change our lives and sometimes they only guide us to live better. When you go back and evaluate your past, do you remember any specific sentences that you heard from someone and got affected by?

Well I don't have a deep beautiful quote I can tell you that I heard from someone that made me change my life. However, I do remember talking with my Mother when she was sharing her difficulties she had to encounter growing up. It's truly a sad story and I can't believe any person can go through all that and be able to be positive about everything. She simply told me "Life is suppose to be hard"... "If anything bad happens to you, or if you end facing a wall, It's a test. Will you break down or try to solve it. If you fail will you get back up and try again."

- How does music affect your soul? Which artists and bands do you listen nowadays?

Music inspires me, helps me boost my passion to create and be productive. It is my window to escape from stress. It helps me in so many ways.
I pretty much listen to anything that sounds good to me. I love the sound of symphony and violins but at the same time can change my playlist to rough in-your-face rap music. Depends on my mood. Right now I am listening to the producer Legendary Traxster from Chicago and also to soft beautiful Harry Gregson-Williams music.

- If you have a chance to remove a part in the world history, which period would you choose?

I wouldn't change or remove anything, The point is we need to learn from our history and mistakes in order to move on and make things better, especially now when War is still going on.

- Theme of our first issue was 'Wrong' and the current one is '2'. What comes to your mind when you hear these words?

When I think of the word Wrong I think of ignorant people. When I think of the number 2, I think of my brother.

"I was born in Eskilstuna and spent pretty much my whole life there. I grew up in a super small town where nothing changed and the people just knew a few things about life."

- Marcell Bandicksson / Bak 14
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